Friday, August 27, 2010

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Yesterday Daniel Foster, an NRO flying monkey and all around dolt, published a bit on how poor NJ lost 400 million in Federal money, asking, rhetorically one assumes, How Vindictive Is This Administration.  The story is that NJ failed to hand in one slip of paper in a ninetybillion and eleventytwelve page long document and, consequently, they didn't get the dough.  Included in the post is video of NJ Gov. Chris Christie repeatedly bemoaning his fate as unfair.  He even said the Obama admin could have called or gone to intertubes and found the information.

First point, where's the how Conservatives and Republicans but especially conservative Republicans take responsibility so seriously automatically deploying thingamabob.  I've filled out some complicated grant applications and watched while colleagues completed dossiers of staggering length and complexity.  You make a mistake and, well, you made the mistake.

What happened in this case is revealing:
Christie publicly said Schundler had tried to give the correct information to a bungled question during the presentation, but video from the U.S. Department of Education released Thursday proved that did not happen.

Then Schundler, the individual responsible for the error, is fired per his own request. Foster calls this a
very unfortunate turn of events. Schundler was a dedicated reformer and an intellectual light in the administration. He was also as worthy an adversary of the teachers unions as the governor he served.
 However, as with all dark clouds there is a silver lining because
this story . . . reconfirms what we already knew, that Chris Christie is decisive, and a believer in accountability.
Got that?  Big deal Conservative/Republican governor and leading candidate for 2012, right behind Palin, complains that the Obama admin has the temerity to hold his admin responsible for an error, which -- according to a flying monkey -- is proof of the Obama's vindictiveness. When it turns out that Christie was in error that proves that Christie holds accountability sacred.  The Obama admin, presumably, continues to be as vindictive as ever; what with its forcing everyone to follow the rules attitude. I mean really are these the kind of guys and gals you want screaming at the guy or gal trying to drive the bus of state through obstacle course of history?

I found out the stuff about Christie being wrong from another Weblog; I thought it was Think Progress but cannot find the webpage now.  I did want, however, to be clear on getting the information from somewhere and if I find it later will post it.

Former New Jersey Education Commissioner Bret Schundler, who was fired today by Gov. Chris Christie (R) amid accusations that he'd lied to the governor about an error in the state's application for federal Race to the Top money, is now saying that he did not mislead the governor at all.

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