Saturday, May 19, 2012

Appologize, Damn It

Some time ago the Right, like NRO whackdoodle Mona Charon, were lambasting Obama for his "disgraceful abandonment" of Chinese civil rights lawyer Chen Quangchen. Today we learn that he and his wife are on their way to America, land o the free.

It takes real skill to wrong about everything.

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Other Other Thing

I first stumbled on Sterling Hayden in Asphalt Jungle and ran across him in some book or another on naming names. Recently I watched some god awful movie in which he rescues a damsel from Colonel Klink. I got his autobiography from the library and, to be blunt, the man whose acting was all twitches and muttered intimations of unknowable violence, he writes like Kerouac or better yet like Cassady's First Third; his Wandering is work of unusual genius and provides page after page of unexpected pleasure. Plus also even too and in addition , the man was a certified war hero who regretted with every ounce of his being his failure to stand up to the bullying bastards led by the unAmerican nutcase McCarthy. For at least a week he is my hero. 

One Other Thing

People often, well not really, ask me how do stay so cheerful, the occasional deranged rant at sociopathic motorists to one side, when things aren't going so well. It is stuff like this:

The whole song makes nothing like sense and yet watching it makes me, in any event, aware of the fact that outside the stupidity of neoliberalism and the deranged antics of the Right more generally that the world is filled with people whose first commitment is to joy and nonsense.

To Tell The Truth Or Parsing the 99%

Jacques Brel, who we have discussed before, was a wildly popular singer/song writer. In this song he, I think, makes a point about the constant grinding misery of being an unwilling pawn of a bunch of rich bastards who, like Mitt Romney, despise those of born to poor parents while also articulating the single most heartfelt desire of the rest of who squirm under their unfeeling thumbs and boot heels: to no longer be victims while refusing to be executioners.

And yes, if you are interested, I think there is  a link between Camus, and the Jansenists, notion of Deus absconditus and Brel's work, which is to the extent a better world awaits it awaits on some collective action that I, like Sterling Hayden, doubt will or can succeed.