Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Bad

Years ago I dreamed a dream of cantilevered breaks.  Specifically Paul's Touring Cantilevers, which would -- I assured my self -- so class up the bike that would not only stop faster but go faster as well.  One day I did, in fact, get a set of Paul's and only had to pay 50 bucks each which is about half price.  And no they weren't stolen.  They look like this only mine are silver.

The thing is they are real pain to adjust and the rear one's needed constant attention to come even close to working.  On the plus side all the parts are replaceable.  The other day, I was adjusting the rear one and broke a bolt.  As luck would have it, I had a spare Tektro sitting in the parts muddle.  I figured while I could wait to fix the Paul's and struggle by with the cheaper break, it cost me 20 odd dollars and looks like this:

Oddly enough these are easier to adjust, stop the bike better and look fine.  Although the Paul's did earn me props from some Wrenches and the springs made it through three winters without any real damage, I think I am going to switch to all Tektro.

Others out there may have different opinions, they are, of course, 100% wrong.


  1. they say discs are better than cantilevers. but i just don't like em. it just goes to show, the greener grass costs a 100 dollars a quarter but it is still grass. and grass is just a nuisance without somebody to mow it. maybe that statement is a bit esoteric. let me reiterate. some gear is simply dysfunctional without a team of crack mechanics to set and maintain it.