Thursday, August 26, 2010

False But Accurate

Stephen Spruiel, one of the flying monkeys[1] and professional dolts over at NRO, writes
Obama Administration Proposes Steps to Make Imported Goods More Expensive.
 Click on the link and discover that things might become more expensive because team Obama has decided to
crack down on illegal import practices and require parties to pay the full amount of any duties
and furthermore
 the plan . . .the department said is especially aimed at countries where the government has control over markets
and because
of the administration’s effort to double exports in the next five years to spur job growth, a goal President Barack Obama set in his State of the Union speech in January. Doubling exports would help support 2 million new jobs, the administration said. The American Iron and Steel Institute said that plan won’t succeed “if we allow competitive U.S. manufacturers to be weakened or destroyed” by dumped and subsidized imports.
That's right folks, the NRO is opposed to efforts to stop brutal and tyrannical regimes from engaging in illegal trade practices and a policy that might increase employment here and protect American jobs by leveling the playing field between brutal and tyrannical regimes and our freedom loving . . . Alright let's don't get carried away.

But you see the point here, I trust.  The NRO, which has been belaboring Obama's weakness re dictatorships via things like bowinggate, dislikes Obama's decision to stand up to the Chinese government cheating which takes jobs from Americans and send us back poisonous toys. They are opposed to law  enforcement and pro-Chicoms. They are, in short, defenders of tyranny and despotism.

Well, actually, clearly they are not.  What they are the kind of flying monkeys who can't find in themselves to agree with something they agree with. Why?  I am beginning to think that it is true that they aren't really Islamophobic or hostile to Obama because he is a Democrat or what have you but rather because they are all deranged. Or maybe their desire for political power is greater than their desire for enacting proposals and policies with which they agree especially when those policies will have a beneficial effect on the economic conditions here in the United States of America.

Chose your poison.

[1] Why isn't the plural of monkey monkeies?  Personally, I blame Peter Tork, who was clearly the group's Svengali and, I'm pretty sure, the man behind the curtain for much of orthographic instability in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

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