Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jonah Goldberg Asks A Quesiton

Shortly after proving beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that when Americans hate Muslims they either don't really hate Muslims or their hatred of Muslims is either cute or explicable, Goldberg asks:
When, pray tell, will Time magazine devote an issue to its, and this administration's, intolerance of the American people?
Because, you see, both Time magazine,  does anyone actually read that thing any more?, and the President have complained about what Goldberg sees as nonexistent Muslim hatred.  For evidence of this he cites some crime statistics. One could, if one want, use the recent kerfuffle about the prayer room in a Islamic version of a YMCA as an example of hatred of Muslims. But, I suppose, to do that you'd need evidence of the crowds decrying the Islamic version of the YMCA doing something that smacked of unreflexive hatred of Muslims.

Or maybe find one of Goldberg's NRO colleagues who laments that
Having worked for a very long time with moderate Muslims, I can tell you it’s disheartening to be called an Islamophobe.
Who then points out that
(1) Islam is not a moderate doctrine; (2) Islamists who practice terror and are otherwise aggressive toward non-Muslims (and toward Muslims who disagree with them) are not twisting or perverting Islam; (3) this does not mean that the Islamist interpretation of Islam is the only possible viable interpretation; but (4) a concrete theology of “moderate Islam” does not exist (even though there are plenty of moderate Muslims) and therefore it will have to be created
 And plenty more in the same vein.  See it's not that he hates Muslims its that he knows that Islam is just wrong, violent, stupid, and needs to be changed because as it actually exists it's a dangerous religion even if, here and there, one finds a few non-murderous Muslims.  He doesn't hate Muslims; he hates Islam, which is a completely unrelated matter.


More evidence of that Time and Obama should apologize for suggesting that there is any hatred of Muslims or intolerance of Islam.  The in a nutshell version: crazy Christians plan on burning Koran on 9/11; the city says they cannot without a burn permit; neo-Nazis who think Obama is a secret Muslim, vow to provide "protection."

Or this event in NYC itself.  In a nutshell version: passenger stabs cab drive on discover driver is a Muslim.

Why its is even more complicated than initially thought.

Or not.

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