Friday, August 27, 2010

Odds and Sods

The Martinez Clan's, one of my many commentators -- which is to say the only one, recent comment reminded me of this:

Technically speaking the Spartans would have him but the overarching argument is a beaut.

Tomorrow is the epic ride of many miles -- perhaps as many as 10 -- during which a group of hyper competitive lycra louts will travel at speeds well in excess of 9 miles an hour on terrain as hilly as the Bonneville salt flats in death match to see who gets the secret recipe for mustarded burgers.

In preparation I am going to carbo load by eating five pounds of raw potatoes and, because of the distance and complicated route, will put this bell on the bike.

Also, because I care, in the days, weeks, and possibly months upcoming, I will post a post on how to make these panniers.

Because she is tired or possibly drunk our distinguished judge will, most likely, not be coming along.  Tonight after hiding her treat from herself twice -- the second time so well no one could find it, she decided to sleep off her excesses in the bathroom.

If you were wondering, Glenn Beck is not at all like Martin Luther King, despite the overlapping dates.

You know this last one wasn't really so much an update as it was an addendum.

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