Tuesday, August 24, 2010

David Brooks Lacks Self Awareness

Or he is trying to work through his limitations in public.  Today he bemoans the lack of Victorian virtues, with a fairly odd example, and notes that in today's hurly-burly world of I'm okay your okay and everyone gets a prize just for showing up
we’re all less conscious of our severe mental shortcomings and less inclined to be skeptical of our own opinions.
 He insists that
the culture places less emphasis on the need to struggle against one’s own mental feebleness.
And, just when you think he is going to resign his position and try to overcome what has now been a lifetime's worth of mental feebleness, he claims that
The ensuing mental flabbiness is most evident in politics.
 I'm not sure what he means by ensuing here but I was disappointed that he didn't quite or, at least, apologize for the salad bar argument.

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