Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World's Greatest Blog Comment

In the comments to to this post, I found this

  1. Who are they that treated him like hi was a dog?
    If the President does not tell their names, it is just having some more holes in the water.
    So,can we verify the truth of our president?[That's not in my prepared remarks, it's just- but it's true.]We don't know the other supposed bad side.
    His speech is based on personal preferences and it's a fault in premise..
    The truth ,of course, needs some more information to be known by the people, but the most important thing ,I think, is that the nation needs the unity and a balanced president.
    This is the world's  greatest blog comment not because it is incoherent, although it nearly is, but because it makes the argument that we can't know that Obama's detractors make all manner of baseless claims about his nationality, political, sexual, or religious orientation, etc. unless the he offers right then and there examples of the baseless claims. It is a nearly perfect example of faux naivete masquerading as serious argument.

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