Thursday, September 9, 2010

If They Aren't Tired, Why All the Lying?

Rober Costa, full time flying monkey, claims that
From Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan to Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton, congressional leaders have found a way to work with presidents on policy, even if they were ideological opposites.
And seriously, serious, flying monkey Paul Ryan (R-WI) whimpers
"these days, it seems like every time you reach your hand out, you get burned . . . from what I can tell, President Obama has little interest in trying to triangulate like Bill Clinton or Dick Morris.” The president’s ideology, he laments, often gets in the way of negotiations. “Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan,” Ryan says. “At the expense of the American idea, he has doubled down on Chicago-style politics and class warfare, pitting one group against the other.”
It's all true, if you consider the Newt era impeachment and government shut down working with a president to first end his career and second end the government, although it seems unlikely that Clinton was interested in either goal.  And that Obama with his endless public meetings with Republicans on health care and his leaving out the public option, demonization of Sarah Palin for pallin' around with terrorists who hate real America, and his accusations that John McCain was both a Manchurian Candidate and a baby eater, really did divide the country. Oh wait.

In any event, Ryan is clear that as soon as Obama agrees to transform himself into Paul Ryan, he can count on Paul Ryan's support to enact Paul Ryan's policies. Well, some of them.

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