Monday, September 6, 2010

Jonah Goldberg is Still Dumb

Goldberg writes
If the Dems do get shellacked in November, what’s the over-under that Hoyer or Rep. X mounts a challenge to Pelosi? I have no inside info or insight on the matter, it just seems like a reasonable question to ask and a fun way to stir the pot.
Usually when posing a hypothetical the individual posing the hypothetical will cloak the hypothetical in some penumbra of insiderness in order to limit arguments that the hypothetical is stuff and nonsense.  In this instance, Goldberg attempts to use his much touted ignorance to his own advantage. Because it is fun to be an ignorant ignoramus ignorantly stirring the pot.

In a similar vein, I claim no special knowledge, information, or insight but I wonder when Goldberg will stop beating his wife. 

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