Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bar Handled

This post deals with wrapping handlebars and using twine to lash the ends.  For this project you will need twine, I use nylon, handlebar tape, I use the cheapest available, some kind of stain, a paint brush, a lighter, and scissors, and a pen.  I don't use Shellac any more because, although this seems unique to my experiences, I found it wore off fairly quickly even when clear coated. Others swear by it.

I trim the tape to make the wrap sleeker.

When it is time to lash the ends, I use an old thread dealy so I have more or less the same amount of twine so that the lashing is more or less the same length.

Here is a video on how to lash complete with really annoying music.

This what mine looks like after lashing.  I put the loop on the bottom and burnt the ends after cutting them.  Personally, I think it looks better.

This is what it looks like after two coats of stain/gloss.

I am going to give this one at least one more coat.  When treated like this the tape lasts at least three years, it is possible to replace cables and housing.  The handlebars can, however, be a bit slick.

The other bike:

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