Thursday, September 9, 2010


Victor David Hanson, serious flying monkey and super serious professional dolt, asks
Does all of Obama’s us/them talk about the apparently greedy who make over $250,000 a year bother any of his rather affluent blue-county supporters? Given that so many of the progressive pundits, professors, and professionals that supported Obama make over $200-250K, at some point his arbitrary economic Mason-Dixon line — dividing the bad 1 percent that pays 40 percent of income taxes from the good 40 percent who pay nothing — gets too close to home (especially in the New York/D.C. corridor, where a $250,000 gross income — given income, payroll, and state taxes — does not give one much of a house or prep school). I would expect some progressive pushback soon (e.g., He can’t mean us, can he?), resulting in something like, Why not put the top bracket at $500,000-1,000,000 and go after “them”?
 Which is a long way of his saying "I'm mortal, I'm a greedy prick; Liberals are mortal, therefore, Liberals are greedy pricks."

One of the reasons why what he expects to happen won't happen is that he is making stuff up about who earns what and about who supports Obama. For example, academics on average don't make that kind of money.

Relatedly, VDH might be unaware of this, although I am not clear why he would be unaware of this, but income and wealth inequality, which was already pretty bad, has been growing worse.  There are fewer but richer individuals and families in the upper deciles.

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