Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Post Racial

There is some good news to come out of the Derbyshire debacle.  While I disagree with the NRO's decision to fire him, I agree with his childrens' reaction to his "talk." As he explains
[b]oth took it with some skepticism, even some disgust in my daughter's case. Both have been through the public-school system and taken in a lot of the left-liberal PC indoctrination in which that system is marinated. So I'd have to say they weren't very receptive. Was there ever a time when kids listened to their parent's advice? But at least they've heard it, and know that there's another point of view besides the PC flapdoodle, a point of view held by non-crazy persons. One does one's best.
Derbyshire's wife is Chinese and, oddly enough, his "bi-racial" children find his advice to behave as if more often than not black Americans wanted to either rob, kill, or something them because they are, you know, racial inferior scientifically speaking. While there is all manner of positive representations of Asian Americans as a ideal minority this is a new development. Might it be that the PC public education that Derbyshire denigrates taught his kids the actual history of anti-Chinese, anti-Japanese racialist thought in these United States? Might it not be that there skepticism and disgust arose from that set of facts?

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