Monday, April 9, 2012

The Democrats Made Them Do It

In a marvelously incoherent fashion Geoffrey Kabaservice "argues" that Democrats are responsible for the Republican war on women because the Party with NOW support, he declares but doesn't prove, defeated a moderate Republican congresswomen who was also a strong proponent for women's issues. He goes on to "argue" that the decision to protest the Susan Komen charity's decision to stop giving money to Planned Parenthood is another example of feminists insisting that it's the Democratic Party or nothing.

If you squint, the first example makes something like sense. Feminists organizations should support Feminists in the Republican Party as a means of making these important issues bipartisan. Then again, Kabaservice one example of a real Feminists amongst the Republicans and as a practical matter no one who works for women is welcome in the Republican Party.

The second example is just loopy. The Komen executive was, we now know, filled  with conservative maniacs and was actively working with at least one Republican activist to twists its policies into dopplegangers of the Republicans.

What's odd about all  this is Kabaservice makes clear that from at least Reagan on the Republicans have actively courted pro-life and religious wackadoodles that now are their base. The Democrats didn't have anything to do with this.  One lonely moderate Republican is not a movement. The REpublicans made this mess and they need to own it.

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