Friday, April 13, 2012

In A General Sense

If anyone thinks that Ann Romney "raised" her family all on her own, they must also think that there is nothing odd about having a car elevator.


  1. There you go insulting motherhood . When she said she chose to stay home with her children I remember thinking it would be nice if everyone had that option

  2. Btw. I am sure raising the romney children and trying to take care of the family dog was hard work, just ask the servants that did it

  3. Exactly. Fred Clark makes that point that if the Right cares so much about the unpaid labor of motherhood they will forthwith and without fail pay poor women to take care of their children. Of course they will not and, to make matters worse, they will try to use this as further evidence that the real misogynists are the poors and the pitifully few national politicians who seek to protect them.