Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Is Wrong With The World?

Victor David Hanson. He laments the woeful awfulness of those who seek to use the Treyvon Martin murder for their own ends. Yet he writes that
[w]hile it is natural that African-American activists need answers as to why the armed assailant Mr. Zimmerman was not charged in the shooting
they need to demand the same answers for all the black on black crime or they are hypocrites.

In the  answer to the first we all need answers as to why Zimmerman wasn't arrested after shooting an unarmed kid about whom he knew nothing other than the kid was black.

In answer to the second 1) it's a different issue and 2) really?

This is what is wrong with the world, instead of considering the possibility that shooting an unarmed kid about whom all the shooter knew is that he was black is a sign of mental derangement and that not arresting him is a sign of institutional mental derangement, Hanson wants us to think that thinking that situation is wrong and troubling is a sign of hypocrisy unless we condemn all crimes committed by blacks, that bear no relation to the event under consideration, everywhere.

It's a horrid worldview and one predicated on the notion that only blacks care about injustices concerning blacks.

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