Monday, March 26, 2012

Truth In Advertising

Over to the Think Progress, we learn that
Santorum is under fire from Republicans for suggesting that the GOP might as well re-elect Obama if they nominate Romney. He lashed out at a New York Times reporter this weekend for asking about the issue, calling the question “bullshit.”
Except, of course, that's a gross distortion of the events under consideration. Here's a video:

Santorum, who is both a cad and bounder as well as a nutbar, is in fact making the case that as a standard bearer against Obama Romney is the worst Republican in the country.

Whats actually interesting here is that ranting maniacal manner in which Santorum speaks both during the speech and in his interaction with the reporter. This barely suppressed rage and clear desire to either scream at or punch people with whom he is speaking is an aspect of Santorum's persona that I have seen for quite a while. Why, I wonder, do the press forward an erroneous narrative when the actual one seems to be much more interesting.

Rick Santorum is an angry little twit.


  1. I wish Santorum would get the nomination, as he really does show what conservatives are all about, they manage to play victim while at the same time trying to bully everyone else. He really is a horrible little man, but he doesn't hide it as well as most politicians, which would make him a really fun nominee, of course on the off chance he won the election things could be really bad.

  2. Right, he really is the embodiment of the horridness and stupidity of the modern right Neoliberal. Never met a personal freedom he didn't want to curtail nor yet a business practice that he wanted to regulate. All of which, he insists, is the result in his deep faith in a religion whose key figures insisted that the rich were evil and the poor needed protecting, to say nothing of the judge not and general humility.