Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There have been a flurry of attempts to paint Treyvon Martin as a thug in an attempt to justify his mindless  murder. Here's one example from the fetid pen of Robert VerBruggen of the NRO. Here's another line of attack from the same horrid little man, Martin was winning a fistfight Zimmerman initiated for no good reason therefore he had to shoot the 17 year-old, about whom who knew nothing other than he was black, kid.

It really is beneath contempt.  Purveyors of the first line of attack seeks to dehumanize Martin by painting him as the kind of criminal we can do without. Advocates of the second would have you believe that a cretinous, authoritarian racist who defied police orders and not only followed but confronted a kid who had done nothing wrong but be black was forced to kill the kid because, as it turns out, cretinous, authoritarian racists aren't, in fact, the Batman nor yet even Robin.

Obviously the VerBruggens of the world aren't interested in making sense of the event or working to avoid it recurrence.  Why? Who really knows.  It may be that they are horrid little men and women bent on making the world less salubrious. Or it could be that they see the tactics deployed by the neoliberals for the past 30 odd years have created a world they want to inhabit, i.e., where violence or its threat is endemic, where inequality reigns, and where opportunity is a function of genealogy -- which is another way of saying the rich get richer and the poor starve.

One thing we can know for a fact is that there is no way to square the current reality with the promise of morning in America.

It seems that Trayvon Martin called 911; one suspects this ends badly for Zimmerman and the brigade of horrors.


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