Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Health Care

I wonder what percentage of human beings presently living in these United States, long my her mountains remain enpurpled, came into the world without the aid of some kind of medical personal? Surely the fact that the birthing of babies is best achieved under the supervision of doctors or midwives is strong evidence that we all participate in the health care "market" at one point or another by virtue of being born, as it were, free.


  1. We should let the market decide who lives and dies. I have been watching a little bit of the coverage of the pope in Cuba and it almost looks like Cubans have a better quality of life than us exceptional americans, they certainly have better access to healthcare.

  2. Yes, the "market" is next but one to god with its freedom maximizing the joy of rational actors all while its efficiency is allocating scarce resource with nary a glitch. And to think there are Neoliberals and related con men or idiots who actually think that's how the world works.