Thursday, October 13, 2011

To Market To Market Jiggity Jig

Ya know, Neoliberals are vicious and want to destroy the world:
Private buyers would want those degree-awarding powers for use overseas for “online and distance education”, Mr Stanfield said. “They would think there is a huge market in that, particularly in Asia and the Gulf.”
The firm buying a stake would see the degree-awarding powers as an intellectual property right, Mr Stanfield said. “What private equity wants to do is take that current IP right and brand and do more with it…”
Asked whether whole or partial buyouts by private buyers were likely in the near future, he said: “I would expect to see something within the next six months, maybe sooner…”
This in England Stanfield is talking about, so this guy is arguing for a rapid-fire sale of institutions that are what they are because of state support whose worth, value, and cost are impossible to determine sold to the highest, or possibly lowest, bidder. What the hell, let's just sell the state to Root, Brown, and Kellog and end the pretense.

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