Monday, September 13, 2010

The Right Explained

John Derbyshire, a man who has rather perverse taste in women, today explains the current state of Conservative politics:

I made the same point on NRO a while ago:
“The sustained exercise of thought” is not entirely “unknown to me.” The number of times I have experienced it, though, is so small I believe I can remember every one of them. I think there have been around six. They ranged in length from one to about five hours — say a lifetime total of twenty hours. The rest of the time, I have been pretty much on cruise control, or asleep, or having, like Sir Edmund [Gosse], small, unconnected, inconsequential thoughts about “little palpable things.”
People’s claims to have arrived at some conclusion or other by sustained, connected thinking should always be received with skepticism.
The you have it.  His thought process: I am mortal, I am incapable of sustained thought; everyone else is mortal, therefore everyone else is incapable of sustained thought.  Except, of course by his own admission he can't, or in any event doesn't, think. So, I guess, his thought process would be more like this:

Not only does this method explain trickle down but it also explains Sarah Palin's selection.

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