Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I Don't Read Slate

Slate makes yet another mistake.


  1. I think the demise of Matt sort of relates to your post about money corrupting college sports, it seems like once a hobby becomes a lucrative job people forget why they are doing it.

  2. Yeah maybe; but, then again maybe not. Yglie was always more interested in career than being right and Paterno clearly put career ahead of decency. Both of them ended up where folks who care more about the benjamins end up. In JOe Pa's case his mendacity has destroyed his reputation for decency because he was always a fraud. In Yglie's case his fraudulence has yet to catch up to his "success."

  3. Yeah, I think at some point we were talking about how people with less passion and talent are sometimes more successful. I guess I have to believe at some point yglesias wasn't a complete idiot because I bought his book and I hate to think I wasted my money, then again maybe I should just accept it.