Tuesday, November 8, 2011

End College Sports II

So this guy Mike McQueary, who caught the child rapist red handed and boldly reported the event to JoPa the next day and then ignored the child-rapist bringing other children onto the campus for, what, nine years as he slowly rose up the ranks of the Penn State coaching staff, was a Penn State quarterback. That means, donnit?, that he is the kind of upstanding young thus and such that JoPa's grand experiment turns out in its hundreds. Strong men who aren't afraid to do next to nothing to protect the weak from exploitation by the strong. It seems clear that college sports do not do what they are supposed to do and, what is more, the whole tradition of sport on American campuses served and serves to blunt students' dislike of being bossed about. It's not education that creates worker bees who embrace their chains but rather sports the dissolves the anarchic and revolutionary ideas, ideals, and actions of young men and women.

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