Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh For Dumb

IOZ on determinism
 If not Caesar, then Caesar, in other words.  We don't make history, but are made by it.
Bullshit. And again bullshit. Caesar wanted to create what he created and those who came before didn't. the Gracchi offered a different path. History is inevitable only because, you know, things happened the way they happened. At any point in the past things could have been different. The idea that there are larger historical forces that create our present ignore the fact that our present is the result of people doing things that, for a variety of reasons, they want to to. The difficulty determinisst face is that assuming some soldier or another cut Caesar down who would have replaced him.  Someone, they assure us. The problem the counter factual historians face is that the contingently truth, these actually existing people did these things led /to, for example, WWI, as opposed to this set of ahistorical, because they never happened, events might have led to something different is idle speculation and is identical ith the making stuff argument of the Republicans and Conservatives more generally insisting that the unemployed could become employed if they would just ignore the fact  that there are 100 or more applicants for each job.

You got a job and a decent  life and don't want to do anything to help the rest, fine. I got mine is an old, of dishonorable, argument for doing nothing. Insisting that no one can do anything about anything is about as respectable anarchist, or really any philosophical position, as the Koch Brothers insisting that they are here to help you.

The choice is yours: together we can make a better tomorrow or I got mine fuck the 99%. One is an authentic anarchist position the other is neoliberalism credo..

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