Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Call Bullshit

Ryan Lizza suggests that
 next year is looking very much like a Republican year
On the basis of what now? There is not one Republican contender who scores better that Obama; the Tea Party is nearly as disliked as Palin. Perry's recent polling plummet indicates the the more people know about the idiots running for the Republican nomination the less they like them. So, and I mean this seriously, who among the Republicans is a "serious" candidate for office? 

The rising tide is those who oppose all that Christie et alia stand for. As too Obama's electoral outlook see also. And, for that matter, this in which a crazy denounces another crazy.


  1. I have a feeling Romney is going to be the republican nominee, and will try to do the "I am a reasonable republican" switcharoo in the general election, after claiming to be a tea bagger during the primaries. It really might be a train wreck. But could be entertaining, unless of course he wins and then it could be a really long four years.

  2. I agree. And would add that at this point Romney has dug himself a hole of whole lotta crazy that is going to be difficulty to climb out of. I would expect that the "Corporations are people" nonsense will haunt the soulless dope like Marley haunted Scrooge.

  3. It's interesting that Perry will probably lose the nomination because of two good decisions he made, encouraging vaccinations and showing a little compassion for immigrants. Romney will probably lose the election because of the good work he did trying to get people in Mass. It's like conservatives don't value humanity or something.