Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Tale of Two SUVs

On Monday, when I was ambling back into town after the ironically epic ride, I spied a mountain of puce or maybe mauve over my left shoulder.  It was a Chevy Suburban, which I believe to be the largest SUV ever.  I was stopped a light and the when the light changed and the vehicle passed me, I noticed that it had a bumper sticker plastered on its football field sized rear end.  The sticker read: People Before Things. It was, I think, the end of ironic photoshopping.  Today when I was ambling to the grocery, I waited until all the cars had entered the frontage road before merging and took the lane so as to avoid being smooshed.  A red, this time, SUV in the other lane decided to test the old saw about the impossibility of two objects occupying the same space and moved from the left lane to the right without turn signal and, as near as I could tell, without bothering to look.  People before things indeed.

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