Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speech, Speech

Obama's speech struck me as more or less on target.  I'm not sure about all the forget about the origins, course, and misery of the War, but I like the declaring victory and going home, and I liked the what we got now is good enough and we paid way to much for it.  Ideally, this would now all be repeated in Afghanistan in less than the year he suggested it would.  But who knows.

As by the way, I predict that Conservatives will complain Obama lacks the will to be a great president, which means less war mongering and random bomb dropping then they like; Liberals are more or less happy; and the Left is justifiable upset that 50k troops remain in Iraq and that Afghan remains an active front. Oh and also, Obama should, Conservatives will argue, apologize for opposing the Surge and generally kow tow to Bush. 

Here's the thing Obama was right to oppose the invasion as a distraction, right to oppose the Surge, because it was a stopgap measure when we should have been working on getting out and refocusing on non-military measures. 

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