Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Sunday Times: Incoherent Philosophizing

In the Time's Magazine RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan said that

[t]oday we had a conference call. Inspectah Deck was like: “You’re telling us what to write about, you’re telling us how to rhyme. I got nothing but respect, but I’m a grown man.” I said: “You’re right. But you can’t just plant the seed and expect it to grow; you gotta nourish it. If you don’t nourish it, it may grow, but it’d be a weak crop. If you do plant, nourish it and it grows, and you don’t harvest it, the crows eat it.”
Which seems indisputable if nonetheless complete nonsense.

Elsewhere, Gabrielle Hamilton argued that it is "[t]ime to kill the mouse and swallow it." To which we can all say: amen sister, amen.

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