Sunday, November 9, 2014

Coffeenuering Parts 6 and 7

This has been a great deal of fun. I had forgotten how pleasant going out for coffee can be. One of the more interesting aspects of the challenge is my realization that the staff at all the various coffee houses have one thing in common: they are extremely pleasant. Given that they can't make much in the way of money and that the tips have to be divided among so many, their pleasantness is a bit of a surprise. Who knows maybe it's the result of the precariatization of the work force or maybe it's that the world of peoples, as opposed to the world's climate and the sociopaths that run the political and corporate worlds, is getting nicer.

In any event, on Saturday I went to the ZuZu Cafe
 by the Zoo -- while this is neither here nor there, I really cannot stand Zoos. Who on earth decided that the proper place for animals is in prison? -- about six miles on the meandering route I took on the Trucker:

The BarMitts really do work. I rode without gloves on a blustery and cool day. Actually, I used them all last winter and they really do keep the hands toasty. On days between, say 15 and 45 no or at least only thin gloves are necessary. They are, it's true, spendy but worth it.

So I had a Macchiato, a beer, and roast beef sandwich:

All were very nice, although I am not sold on pita bread the sandwich was very nice and had some kind of an olive tapinade or a Giardiniera on it for extra zest. The place is more than reasonable priced; the staff was extremely pleasant and there were three, I think, sets of bike racks. It's just off of the Wingra/Vilas path and on one of the bike friendly streets. Oddly, given is Monroe Street locale and vaguely left-wing vibe, they had college football on the box. As we all know college football is next but one to the devil.

Today I went about five miles, again on the Trucker, to the Indie Cafe. I had a Macchiato, Spruedel, and a waffle:

Everything was great. The coffee, the Spruedel, and the waffle were all very nice. The place is on Regent so not especially bike friendly, although it is located right next or across the street from 2 of the 4 Budget Bikes.

I also learned that Cello Fury will be there on Monday with a 5 dollar suggested donation. Cello Fury may be the coolest bunch of celloists ever assembled;or, conversely,laughable. You decide:

I kind of like them, in an ironical way -- as is the fashion.

All in all this was lot of fun and thanks to the fine folks at Chasing Mailboxes for the opportunity.

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