Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recalled to Life

So Walker "won." Why the scare quotes? The Dems, it seems, regained control of the Senate. There will, no doubt, be a recount.

The fact of the matter is that the real driving force behind the evisceration if of Wisconsin's economy and the attempt to turn it into the Texas, Georgia, or Alabama of the Great Lakes region was the Fitzgerald duocracy. Take away a viciously undemocratic Senate and watch Walker fail to generate traction state-wide or nationally.

Oh and about that crap about Walker being the next big thing on the national political scene, here's another much touted hope for the future.

Walker is twice as dumb and three times less charismatic.


  1. Thank you! I needed a good laugh this morning! Plus your positive approach is very helpful!

  2. If the forces of reason and decency are to take the country back from the forces of reaction and mindless drivel we need to tout each partial victory as on big step on the long road toward the creation of a equitable and decent society. Otherwise we have only despair and the Edward G. Robinson solution.