Monday, May 21, 2012

Slipppery Slopes

There is an article in the current The New Yorker on the unpunished murder and rape of lesbian, gay men, and the rest, one assumes, of South Africa's LGBT citizens. This is an actual, as opposed to hypothetical, slippery slope argument. Narrow-minded bigots who assume that their sexual orientation and aesthetic judgements are normative have been beating the drum of need if not necessity of excluding gay men and women as well as the rest of the LGBT community from the community of citizens. These bigoted wretches are a danger to us all.

In the US right now there are maniaca insisting on the creation of LGBT concentration camps because they are hate filled nut jobs. I would argue that Obama has nailed his colors to the mast and it is now time for Romney and the rest of the Right to insist that they will not participate in a campaign designed to "improve" by "corrective rape, " which is the South African term for assaulting and murdering lesbians, reparative therapy, or the extirpation our fellow citizens because of the wholly legitimate objects of their sexual or aesthetic desires.

To say nothing of an equally strident repudiation of neoliberal capitalism and then we can have nice things.

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