Monday, March 5, 2012

Religious Exceptions

The Right want's to allow moral and religious standards to govern obedience to secular law, at least when it's their ox being gored. How, one wonders, do they view (via) this particular case of the religious objections:
Dozens of Israel Postal Company employees in Ramat Gan refused to distribute thousands of copies of the New Testament to city residents. They claimed such distribution is forbidden according to the halacha laws, and might even be illegal.
This is the kind of situation that arises when nut jobs seek to Balkanize  one nation under God, as it were. On what level do they think that dividing us against ourselves on narrow theological grounds represents 100 percent Americanism.


  1. Bibles are heavy and I wouldn't want to deliver them either, and really that's the problem with religious exemptions because it's impossible to prove what god wants, people wind up using religious reasons to further their own interests.

  2. Exactly. What is even worse, it seems to me, is that the idea of allowing opting in or out based on moral, ethical, or religious sensibilities means that anyone can not do anything. Work for a religious conservative and get divorced? No insurance for you.