Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wastes of Time and Money

Remember not that long ago when the Feds when after Lance Armstrong everyone predicted that he was curtains? Like every other inquiry into Armstrong's alleged use of PED the Feds found nothing. What's especially puzzling here is the question of why these guys and gals thought they could find a smoking gun when an insurance  company seeking to avoid paying out couldn't.


  1. I really don't get the obsession with PED's and athletes, if people want to risk their health let them.

  2. I think the Contador investigation got it just about right. It is a matter for the sport involved and not the state. If there was something like betting fraud through legal gambling okay the state should investigagte. But cheating as cheating is really the worry of the sport.

    On Alberto see

  3. Bike racing has always been a bit of the wild west when it comes to drugs, for whatever reason I can't muster much outrage towards the athletes, recently I read a book called from lance to landis, which seemed to do a good job chronicling the drug use in bike racing, my sense is that the cover up is worse than the crime.

    As for contadore we all know it was just bad meat that led to his positive test, and landis tested positive due to whiskey, and lance is lance.

  4. Anonymous:
    In, I think, Tim Krabbe's The Rider there is a long sub theme about the various mechanical cheats, tires filled with helium, spokes hammered into areo shapes, and tiny climbers grabbing bidons filled with lead for the descent, which suggests that it's more than just PEDs.