Thursday, February 2, 2012

Reputation or Reality

The Reality is that a sociopathic robot Mitt  Romney is an over entitled twit who does in fact think that because he is rich he ought to run the world and who thinks that nobody else matters as much as other rich people. Almost all rich people think this way. Consider Sarkozy:
It’s incredible that Sarkozy, whose biggest battle in this election is to overcome his reputation as an arrogant, luxury-loving capitalist, would have sent a government jet to rescue Pierre.
Pierre is Sarkozy's son who was ill with food poisoning. What's incredible here is that Lauren Collins thinks taht Sarkozy's reputation is somehow or another inaccurate. like Bush the Lesser's reputation for being a tough guy.

The rich as a class do not care about the rest of us and worry only about manipulating the system, whatever it might be, to their own benefit.

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