Friday, February 10, 2012


One reason I'm still glad to have voted for Obama, he is comfortable in his own skin:

And another, he married a real American woman.

David Brooks, on the other hand, is an  idiot. In the course of an "essay" on Mitt Romney as an inauthentic human being but an authentic robotic sociopath,[1] admits that
I don’t actually know what sort of person Romney is. He’s a reticent man. He’s unwilling to talk about his roots, home and family history, so it is hard to understand what’s really going on in his head.
And there you have it. He writes a column about someone's personality while admitting he knows nothing about it. True, I guess, Brooks really wants to offer Romney advice on how to overcome his "appearance" of being a robotic sociopath but isn't Brooks a little to comfortable about writing from a position of complete ignorance.

[1] Brooks, of course, used some vague sociological language from some ancient book he sort of remembers from his undergraduate days but that's what he meant to say.


  1. Since I moved to Utah I have noticed a lot of Mormons especially males have a habit of not telling you what they really think, I think they see it as being polite, although it starts to feel like they do it so they can judge whatever you do later. Many of my students will claim they are not political but they usually have some sort of Romney for president sticker or button, and if you ever talk to them they are usually pretty conservative.

    Romney exemplifies this trait to an extreme

  2. Odd isn't he uses his, apparently, Mormon super power of disengenuosity not just to judge but to remake himself into a "severally conservative" candidate for an office he wouldn't be able to handle.

  3. I was listening to a podcast of the racheal maddow show and they were playing some old clips of Romney when he ran for governor and he really was a different person trying to be a picture of moderation, oddly he did give us romneycare which wasn't all bad. Really doesn't seem like he has any moral compass, just an ends justifies the means robo personality.

  4. Odd isn't. The guy claims his faith is fundamental; a faith with more thou shalt nots than usual and yet he is totally free of any moral scruples what so and ever. It's almost like religion has no affect at all on individual moral choices.

  5. The great thing about religion is that it can be anything you want it to be so anything you do to further your religion is moral. The movie Saved was sort of based on this principle. Mitt Romney may just be a much less endearing version of the teenage girl in saved

  6. Unless, of course, if it involves women's health or anyone's sex partner; then all religious nut cases agree that the answer is thou shalt not.

  7. Unless you happen to be a priest then it's thou shalt with me