Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My God

Megan McArdle wrote a 10 bazillion word post on her kitchen. It is the oddest damn thing I have ever read and I read the whole thing. To be sure, it was the reading in a semi-hypnotized state; hypnotized by the bizarro detailed description of how she and her husband hired people to do things to stuff they bought and then they themselves actually stained wood.  It's like pioneer days .

It occurs to me that she spent nearly 2k on that mixer dealio and claims to have spent nearly 2k on the renovation, which means that she could have had the new kitchen some time ago but no mixer dealio or have twice the kitchen now with no dealio. All in all the highlarryittee of preaching inexpensive renovation while in the possession of a nearly 2k mixer dealio is hard to miss.

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