Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh For Dumb

We joke about Mitt Romney being a robotic sociopath but this video (via the known universe) is an example of a man who has no idea what he is saying, how he sounds, or what well self fashioned humans say about the world around them:

Which trees, one wonders, are the wrong height? Bonsai? Islamofascist? Obama's? The man defines uncomfortable in his skin and filled with an empty void.

A square foot of car quiz.

Seriously, the right height? What does that mean? How can anyone construct a sentence like that? I love my kids they are just the right height. Honey, I love you, you're just the right height. Those Alps sure are lovely because they are just the right height.

The man belongs in a cage.


  1. Yeah he is pretty much an A-hole but I am kind of starting to feel sorry for him. Back in the day I knew this pudgy kid, his dad had a lot of money, a personal trainer told this guy he had what it took to be a professional body builder and proceeded to soak him for thousands of dollars in training fees and who knows what else. I get the impression that Romney is being told he has what it takes to be president and just needs to pay a few good consultants a few million dollars to make it happen.

    As long as he doesn't win the joke is on Romney.

  2. Okay, but in this case, given the lukewarm acceptance to outright hatred of the Republican base and elite, Romney is both the kid and the fathers.