Friday, February 24, 2012

Horrid People

It isn't a secret that because of Citizens United and massive wealth, people like the Koch Brothers are running the Republican Party. Their front group ALEC writes anti-American and anti-Human legislation which their bought and paid for legislators duly submit. For anyone interested in the future of democracy as a going concern this kind of influence is beyond troubling. And rightly in my view,  President Obama is using these plutocrats undeserved political influence to run against robotic sociopathic plutocrat Mitt Romney.  Megan McArdle sees this and tries to mock the idea that anyone whose livelihood depends in total or in part on Koch cash is in the pay and pocket of these bloated plutocrats.

Why, one wonders, is necessary to hate America in order to be a spear carrier for authoritarians? Well, actually, I guess, the question answers itself.


  1. You do a good job in this blog of highlighting the way people are self righteously nasty to each other, I think a lot of it is caused by peoples willingness to overlook nastiness when it's done for money, coupled by a lot of self deception in the cases of people like mccardle yglesias and Douthat

  2. Is it, I wonder, self deception in the Yglesias and McArdle or rather the urge to make a buck. Douthat is just to silly to live.