Thursday, December 1, 2011

Irony Dies

According to the NYT, Republicans think that Americans are dumber than dirt:
In addition, Senate Republican leaders would go after “millionaires and billionaires,” not by raising their taxes but by making them ineligible for unemployment compensation and food stamps and increasing their Medicare premiums. Democrats said that this part of the Republican proposal was not serious, pointing out that high earners were already ineligible to receive food stamps.
The world is really horrid, although the majority of people, as opposed to sociopaths, who live in are pretty pleasant most of the time. Things like this, however, force us all to recognize that the sociopaths are in charge of the world and they would just as soon as not launch some sort of killing spree.



  1. Between these great ideas and closing the embassy in Iran I know I will be voting republican.

    Seriously, republicans have spent so much time arguing against stuff that isn't true that they don't even have one foot in reality anymore, and somehow they have managed to drag a bunch of neo liberals with them.

  2. The neoliberals didn't need to be dragged; they ran toward the hole and immediately pitched in with the digging.