Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Videos and Some Questions

Most of us think of k.d. lang thusly:

Some of us remember her thusly:

Or perhaps:

Or even thusly:


Okay that's five and it was almost six or possibly seven. Back in, what was it, 84? Cabach and I traveled to the wilds of western Canada for golf and the k d lang Truly Western Experience tape, back in the day of tapes and onions on one's belt. Really liked that tape.  What, one wonders, ever happened to the Reclines?

Question one:
Why don't cyclists, which is to say students, use lights?

Question two:
What is wrong with motorists?
And as sub section, what's up with the sudden rash of chowder-headed cyclists passing me on the inboard side forcing or trying to force me into traffic? In other words, why are people assholes?

Question three:
Have any Conservatives and/or Republicans and/or Tea Party Patriots denounced Judge William Adams?

Question  four
Why did my rear break stop working?

The last one is, I admit, a bit obscure.

Question five:
Was the Greek Prime Minister's decision to force the hand of his political opponents by threatening democracy the height of hypocrisy or just clever politics?

Question six:
How is at that not everyone finds the story of the Peace of God, as told through R.I. Moore's lens, not the most exciting story in the world?

Enjoy your weekend while you still have one.

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