Saturday, November 5, 2011

End College Sports Now

Via we learn of a college football coach who was a serial child rapists and of an athletic director, and president who covered it up. This is beyond disgusting and, it seems to me, evidence of the immoral nature of both college sports and the administrators who use it to foster a "brand." I am done with college sports and, to be honest about it, think that this is further evidence of the fundamental corrupt nature of our professional administrators who are if not sociopaths, moral morons who do not care about anyone or anything beyond their obscene salaries.

Sure you can argue that not all administrators coverup the child rapists in their midst; but, find me a case, outside of Chicago way back when, that recognizes the essential corrupt nature of big-time college sports and does something about like, I don't know, disbanding the athletic department and using the money to hire professors to actually teach.

And, as by the way, IOZ has a post up in which he blames education of turning all of our bright you things into drones. He is, to be blunt, full of thus and so. It's not education that creates worker bees; it is the refusal of students to take education seriously because of a larger cultural rejection of the notion of "egg heads" and learning to think aided and abetted by their own desire to root for the home team and drink like fish. Corey Robin makes the point that
what our most acute observers have long understood about the American scene: however much coercive power the state wields–and it’s considerable—it’s not, in the end, where and how many, perhaps even most, people in the United States have historically experienced the raw end of politically repressive power. Even force and violence: just think of black slaves and their descendants, confronting slaveholders, overseers, slave catchers, Klansmen, chain gangs, and more; or women confronting the violence of their husbands and supervisors; or workers confronting the Pinkertons and other private armies of capital.
His point is that conformity isn't solely or even primarily the result of state action but rather of a private citizens and employers enforcing norms of their own creation. So its the the folks who coverup for the child rapists and the weak sisters at NPR and NYT who fire people for commitment no crime who aid and abet the thuggish Koch Brothers. And its the students who mock the hard working students and dream of the day when they go to college to drink like fish that turn bright kids into zombies.

It is a fiction of the right and the left that there are eager college professor indoctrinating students to be either communists revolutionaries or men in grey suits living in little houses made of ticky tacky. With few exceptions, the enforced conformity comes for your fellows.


  1. College sports and even high school sports don't teach values like sportsmanship or a love of physical activity, all they do is seem to reinforce the pecking order. A while back CU had a rape scandal and the solution was to give the coach Gary Barnette a large settlement. You are totally right, it's time to end college sports.

  2. Yup, I agree. Find me one example of a college athletic department doing the right damn thing about anything, to say nothing of the millions spent of coaches. Reform really isn't hard: do the right damn thing.