Friday, April 29, 2011

Three Things

Apparently, many folks think that the Royal Wedding is just like any other junk tv or entertainments, which is -- of course-- true if the junk tv or other entertainments shore up a reactionary political system in which birth and religion determine suitability for office and, equally as of course, if the junk tv or other entertainments cost the British public 20 million pounds per episode, which is all a way of saying: no it's not.

Jonathan Chait's suggestion that Trump is a "serious" candidate for office ought properly debar him from commenting on political issues.

Despite the attempts by the Republicans to inflate the "damage" done to the Capital here in Wisconsin, it's clear that it was trivial.

Also here in Wisconsin, let's all give a cheer for this:
Another [Democratic senator facing recall] Mark Miller recall group run by Utah-based activist Dan Baltes has a deadline of May 4. Jeffery Horn, organizer of the local group that missed its deadline, told supporters in a Facebook post that his group would not merge signatures with Baltes' group due to concerns over its tactics and motives.
Locavor: it's not just for breakfast anymore.

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