Sunday, November 11, 2012

Breath Deep

Conspiracy comes from the Latin for breath together. Among many others, with -- one is sure -- many more others to come, Jane Mayer over to The New Yorker speculates speculatively on the possibility of a complex conspiracy of some sort concerning the head of the CIA resigning because of evidence of one or two affairs with married women, one of whom was a member of the military with, so she claimed, a high security clearance, came to light.

There could be all manner of byzantine conspirators breathing together in the corridors of power, while Obama made the executive decision only after 24 hours of indecision. But the smart money is on Petraus making with the old in out where he ought not twice over and having to go for reasons of propriety.

We could argue till blue in the face on the necessity of an apparent adulterer quitting but so far it is SOP to either resign when confronted with evidence or, like Clinton, face impeachment.

The silly, stupid, lazy, sloppy ease with which national pundits, and others resort to Machiavellian, in the vulgar sense, explanations for political actions is beneath contempt.

On the plus side Andy Borowitz sees through the conspiracy.


  1. Thanks to a shirtless FBI agent and a social climber in Florida this scandal may go on for awhile. After reading about some of the patraus screw ups and having a conversation with a guy that served in Iraq under him, it sounds like a case of the right thing happening for the wrong reason.

    On another note I am starting to think that what makes a wanker is someone that claims to stand for something, but wants to make it very clear that they are not like the other yucky people that also stand for something. Right now I think the best example is Amanda marcotte at skepticon where she seems to be complaint about the entire event, but wants everyone to know how cool she is for being there.

  2. What is skepticon? It sounds like some kind of a glib contarian version of comicon.

    And yes, it seems increasingly clear that Petraus, like nearly all post WWI military genuses is a bit of twit.

  3. Skepticon is sort of like convention for atheist