Friday, October 19, 2012

David Brooks

likes Mitt Romney because they both lie like rugs. I was going to write something about today's bullshit but this is much better. It has charts and everything. Brooks' is deal is to sound like he 1) has a clue 2) takes the problems confronting the world seriously so that he can 3) prove it is all the Democrats fault.

He likes the way the rest of us breathe and, to be blunt, he needs find a new line of work. I am thinking that he, Mitt, and Ryan can start a road show selling omni-balsamic reinvigorator. Indeed, like the whole panoply of Melville's confidence men, the Three Liepateers and the Right have nothing to sell that doesn't depend out the purchaser's credulity, which is too say their voters have been had.

Also, too.


  1. Someone should write a post or maybe even a book about how someone becomes a wanker, Matthew yglesias would obviously be a good case study, but people like brooks might also be worthy of study, brooks does say some smart things, but mostly spews a lot of idiocy leading people to give him more credit than he deserves for being a thinker, my guess is that at some point elite pundits get so far removed from the day to day cares of ordinary people that even when they have the facts right they completely miss the real issues. This separates the wanker from the complete idiot like Ross Douthat who misses the point but never has the facts right anyway.

  2. Brooks and Yglesias both have a one-trick pony approach to ideas and both find thinking things through to be difficult if not impossible to do. Neither read well nor are they able to reason; rather, both rely on a series of ideologically informed ticks masquerading as thought.

    Also when you write the essay call it: Group Portrait of Wankers Without Consciences or Mediocrities on the Make.