Thursday, July 19, 2012

Two People It Sucks to Be

Cadel Evans, who really has to be the least lucky man in this or any other Peloton; although, I doubt his stomach virus claims.

And Chris Froome who ought to be leading the Tour. And to those who claim that he will win one day, remember Joseba Beloki.

Don't watch if your a squeamish.


  1. This has been a weird tour. I would put the schlecks in the least lucky catagory as well

  2. I don't know, Andy got hurt, which is a professional hazard. Fraenck claims perfidy,which I don't believe; although I am, oddly enough, willing to believe accidental ingestion via some other "legal" PED.

    Evans, on the other hand, had three terror tack induced flats plus his closest teammate had two when a bike was most necessary.

    We could, I think, add Gilbert et alia and the dog plus Horner's odd day off broken bikes and ravine diving.

    Over all I like this Tour; maybe because of the constant attacks. Go Jens,he reminded me of a more mountain capable Jacob Pills.