Friday, July 27, 2012


If Obama did claim that business people didn't build that, then if follows the mega-maniac Andrew McCarthy just accused five GOP senators of being in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood.
But it is Ms. Abedin’s parents and brother who have drawn the attention of the five House GOP members. They all have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood — the organization itself or prominent members thereof.
Given that the clear anticedent of they has to be the nearest collective noun by the laws of grammar and syntax it must be members which means the GOP is infected with the radical Islamist gene and therefore to Gitmo with them.


  1. Yglesias had a doozy of a post on Amtrak and food service, where he seems to ignore fixxed and allocated costs to decide that Amtrak needs to fire food service workers. I am starting to think he is hoping to replace Thomas Friedman one day as the worlds biggest wanker

  2. Who's to say he hasn't? I mean there was a recent round tab le discussion over to Crooked Timber on open data and Yglesias placed his ill-informed, semi-coherent blather on par with Krugman.