Sunday, April 22, 2012

Knowledgeably Ignorant

The first stage of the French presidential election was today. According to a  24 year old Frenchman and student, who voted for Sarkozy because of fear of turmoil in the "financial markets" -- whatever that might mean,
[n]obody knows exactly what’s going to happen whoever is elected,” Mr. Hustaix said. “Hollande is not going to be able to enforce his program, and Sarkozy didn’t disclose specifics on what he is going to do, aside from immigration and security.
He is certain that the future is uncertain except to the extent that the socialist will be gridlocked and Sarkozy threaten immigrants and "terrorists," which appears to be a coded French discourse for more discrimination against Muslims and "mild" Le Penisme.

In other words, other than knowing exactly what would happen and voting out of fear of international finance capitalism, the poor lad is in the dark. It is almost like he realizes that the State's economic policies is in the hands of the ruthless capitalists of the Bourse, the City, and Wall Street but is afraid to admit it.

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