Friday, December 16, 2011

Heightening Their Own Damn Contradictions

Some years ago, controversial marxist Benny Levy, aka Pierre Victor, argued that 
[i]t can be normal to take as a starting point needs that have been covered over, fabricated and then turned to other uses by the bourgeoisie. And then from within institutions that are still accepted clearly show that there are contradictions, and then heighten these contradictions in order to arrive at their explosion, to arrive at the point where the masses create their own legitimacy and confront the law
The long march through institutions, in other words, is the best means of fomenting revolution by ruthlessly enforcing the worst aspects of any political or economic system.  The roots of neoconservativism in the radical left are well known.. Recently, Republicans cut money for poor people's education, heating, and related-whatnotery while protecting the super rich and the military.  With their allies the neoliberals they have been working on cutting the wages of everyone else and generally dedicated their lives to destroying the economy and ensuring that the many viewed the world with a kind of desperate hatred. Recent figures suggest that with nearly 46.2 million Americans in poverty, up from @ 32 million just 10 years ago the deadly duo has succeeded.

Clearly, the neos are heightening the contradictions in an attempt to overthrow the system. Other than being sociopaths, there is no explanation for the continuation of neoliberal economic and neoconservative foreign policies.

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