Monday, November 21, 2011

What's Wrong With College Sports

The University of Miami football team was involved in a scandal because of its association with a Ponzi
schemer who also provided prostitutes and related etc for football players. In a move designed, one assumes, more meaningful punishment, they have voluntarily forgone post-season play. Oh, yeah:
The Hurricanes have tepid support for their football team even in the best of times, so the decision will probably end up saving Miami a significant amount of money in travel costs and unsold tickets.
That's some kind of punishment: if you all will just leave us alone we agree to not cost the university millions of dollars.

College sports breed, were told, character. It is becoming increasingly clear that it isn't a character you'd want.


  1. Sports in general have problems, at the professional level, and even the major college level it's all about money, which basically means it's all about TV ratings. Major sports are like reality shows they don't have to right, they just have to be watched, more people probably watch Penn State now thanks to Sandusky, than before when they had a senile old fool claiming to be the coach sitting up in a box.

    It's not about winning or teaching values it's all about ratings, in other words sports are just like the Jersey Shore, and I am pretty sure Tim Tebow is this years Snooky.

  2. Teabow as Snooky is very good; I agree that sports aren't really "about" values and character; however, it's clear that they have to be "about" value and character.

    Why else are values, character creation, and adoration of amateurism the three legs that support universities and others making billions of dollars off the unpaid labor of the endlessly exploited "student-athletes"?