Thursday, October 27, 2011

Parsing the 99% Who Support the 1%

So we all know what happened last night in Oakland, which almost assuredly another example of police rioting.  Here's a portion of the Mayor of Oakland's statement after she made the mistake of praising the police for bashing the skull of a veteran and flash-bombing those who sought to rescue the stricken citizen:
Most of us are part of the 99%, and understand the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. We are committed to honoring their free speech right.
She, it would seem, doesn't support doing anything to change the world as it is and, with minor outbreaks of police brutality to one side, she stands 100% behind the right of free speech.  Oddly enough, she doesn't mention assembly and redress of grievance; perhaps because she's forgotten they exist.

Oh yes, in this picture, from the TP link above,  you can see the bicycle remains central to social change:

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